Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Encouraging Words

I was sitting here at work, scrolling through my blog thinking about what to type yet feeling so overwhelmed I decided not to post anything until I read this. This is an amazing blog and has encouraged me in SO many ways! Although I am not house hunting, I am hunting for any way to stay/work from home. I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record and am feeling ready to give up on trying to figure out ways how to do it. I'm stuck between just staying where I am and riding it out or really fighting for something I've always known I wanted to do. Taking her to Mother's Day Out has not been ANY easier. After dropping her off this morning a little girl (maybe around 4) whispered to her mother, "She cries a lot." Talk about breaking my heart!!

Just like Laura says, I hate to even ask for this because there are many other people fighting much harder battles than I am. The verses she shared remind me that this bold asking is our privilege. Such encouraging words! I know that my wants will be fulfilled in His time. I'm just learning to be patient and know that God has bigger plans and all to propser me.

I know I haven't posted pictures lately but here are a few from my phone!

Since I'm off on Tuesday and Thursday and Justin has been out of town a lot I've been feeding the cows pellets.

Brantley's first time on Cowgirl. She LOVED it!

Since about 6 months old this girl has been crawling and about 7 months pulling up. No where in the house is safe anymore :)

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