Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stop the clock

Where is the time going?? I just realized Brantley will be 7 months old in 5 days. She is changing SO fast. Although she was pretty fussy as a baby the other day I caught myself missing her being that small. I realize she's still a baby but how am I going to handle it when she goes to kindergarten?! I may need medication! I understand why some moms choose to work instead of staying home with their kids. It's not for sissys. But for me, I couldn't have it any other way. She is changing before my eyes. I know some days it is frustrating and we have off days but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Since she turned 6 months she has been on the go. We have lowered her crib, again. She is sitting up and on the move! Some nights she will take off towards the hall or kitchen and decide to explore. She has started pulling up and really playing with her toys. She gets bored with them now and prefers to play with a spoon or cup. She still loves the dogs. Tonight she crawled around the kitchen floor trying to get to Brinkley. We tried peaches for the first time today and she liked them. No green vegetables for this girl yet... I may have to sneak some butter in there for her ;) This weekend we are going on a Young Farmers trip to Columbus. It will be her first trip staying in a hotel. I'm looking forward to a nice little get away!

I hate to have a pictureless post but I wanted to jot down these thoughts while I had the time. Next up, her 7 month post!

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