Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Months

Happy 5 months Brantley! So happy that I am posting on the actual day. I know I say this every month but I can't believe you are 5 months old. You are changing everyday!! 

Here you are checking out your first Christmas ornament from GeeGee

You met Santa

Happy baby!

You had a great first Christmas! You got a lot of toys, books and clothes from your grandparents. Your daddy gave you a beautiful silver bracelet and a matching one for mama.

Here's what you've been up to lately:
-we started cereal 2 weeks ago because you are waking up in the night
-you've started napping about twice a day although today you're napping more since you traveled a lot over Christmas!
-you are trying so hard to laugh but nothing really comes out
-you have found your feet and like playing with them
-you love to watch the dogs. If you get really fussy I let Brinkley in and you will watch her play
-you are still eating 5 times a day ; when you get a bottle I give you 7 ounces so you must be growing!
-earlier this month we went to the doctor for your 4 month checkup. You weighed 13 lbs 3 ounces and were 25 1/4 in long. Top 15 for height and 50th percentile for weight. It was sad to watch you get shots again but you rallied back pretty fast

That's about it! I finally cleaned off my camera card and moved some pictures around so when I get more time I will upload more pictures.

Today is also a special day because one of my best friends from middle school gets to meet her little girl, Hailey Ruth! My friend found out a few weeks ago Hailey has some heart problems so please play for a safe delivery and for the doctors who are taking care of her. You can follow her story here:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 Months

Happy 4 months (a few days late) Brantley!! I'm glad I waited to write this post because you have already changed so much since then. 

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving.

You are grabbing everything!!

You are really trying to sit up and move so when I put you in a sitting position you either wiggle down or fall forward. There's no slowing you down!

You finally got to meet GeeGee! We had a great time visiting and a wonderful supper at Our Place. She saw you roll from your back to tummy for the first time too!!

Brantley I swear this week you have been a different baby each day. First you rolled over (with EASE) from back to front. Now if I lay you on the ground you immediately roll over. Then you get mad and roll from front to back like you've been doing.

The car seat is better but I still cringe everytime I put you in there, waiting for you to start up.

You are grabbing everything and figuring out how to use those little hands.

If I had to guess I'd say you weigh around 13-14 lbs. I think you're petite. You weigh a little less than I did at your age and certainly are not as plump! You do have some small leg rolls.

Everyone thinks you are looking more and more like me. You definitely have my head shape. I wouldn't mind if you were my little mini me :)

We go back to the doctor in a week for your 4 month shots :( I can't wait to hear what he says about  you because I think you are just perfect. I couldn't have been blessed with a healthier baby. You still eat really good, about 5 times a day and are napping GREAT in your bed (and car seat sometimes!!) You still nap about 4-5 times a day. I think you are eating around 6 ounces because when I occasionally give you a bottle it's about 6 ounces.

We love you so much Brantley and we can't WAIT until your first Christmas!!