Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birth story and the first weeks

It's not that I haven't really had time to blog but I am trying to soak up every moment with B! This may be kind of a random post but I want to remember all these details. 

I'm not going to get in ANY gross details with delivery because who wants to read that? Work had been SUPER slow so I decided to take off the week before she was due. It was a great time to relax (since I had nested enough lol) before her arrival. We went to the doctor on Monday 23rd and I had made a little more progress (I've already forgotten cm and dilation numbers!) With her due date that Sunday, I was worried about her coming on the weekend and not having Dr. Gentry to deliver her. After seeing him the past 9 months, I would not have been ok with a stranger coming in there! We found out who the on call doctor was (who is also a great doctor) but still wanted Gentry. At the appointment we discussed being induced. We discussed how everything would go, he answered all my questions concerning induction and even did a Bishop Score to see the chances of NOT having a c-section. Of course I wanted to induce early so I could meet Brantley early but I was not ok with messing with her birthday and the idea of messing with something when nothing is wrong. Dr. Gentry told us to think about it call in a day or so with our decision. After a lot of prayer, talking to lots of my friends (who strangely all were induced), and a few other medical reasons we decided it was the best idea and I am very happy with the decision we made! There is nothing better than peace of mind! 

I wanted to do Friday but Gentry suggested Thursday so I just went with what he said. We had to be at the hospital at 4 a.m. that Thursday morning. Sometimes people go in the night before but since I was already progressing we just had to go early. I was actually sleeping pretty well Wednesday night so getting up at 3 was tough! We got to Jackson Hospital at 4 and they started the pitocin around 4:45. Dr. Gentry came in around 8:30 and broke my water (super weird feeling) and I was around 3-4 cm. I started feeling contractions pretty well around 9 or a little after. They told me I could get the epidural as soon as I was ready and I was ready! No offense to those that delivered without epidural but natural childbirth it not something I needed/wanted to prove! Those contractions are something serious. Justin had the contraction monitor figured out and would tell me when one was coming. We would breathe through them and hope the anesthesiologist would be walking through the door soon! Dr. Jordan was our anesthesiologist and he was great. My epidural got started about 10. When he first came in he said "I've been doing this for 25 years." Best thing he could have said! It was not near as bad as I thought it would be. After that, it was literally like a party!

They checked me again around 1 and I was at 5 cm then 2 hours later the nurse (Ashley) checked and she said "Well you're about 9.5, I think it's time to push!" My heart rate immediately shot up! How could it be time?! Justin thought it was hilarious but I was so relaxed and feeling great from the epidural I had no idea it would happen that fast! Dr. Gentry we had learned went home to cut his grass and the nurse told us he was showering then headed there. We started pushing around 3:20 with the nurse and Dr. Gentry came in shortly after. All our family was right outside the delivery room and texting Jayne questions so Dr. Gentry was passing notes about what was going on and things like how Brantley had dark hair under the door to them. The room wasn't packed with a bunch of nurses like I thought it would be. It was us, Jayne, Ashley and the doctor for a while. Later on 2 nurses came in for when Brantley arrived. Throughout the pushing Dr. Gentry kept making jokes and literally had me laughing mid push. They kept asking if I wanted to take a break but I was determined to get her here! She made her debut screaming at 4:13 p.m. As soon as I saw her face it was like I already knew her because she looked EXACTLY like her 4D. 

We got to hold her for a second then they took her and weighed and measured her and brought her back for skin to skin. After about 45 minutes we let family come in to see her but it was so special because I got to hold her that entire time. Then they took her to the nursery and cleaned her all up. 

I could not have asked for better doctors/nurses or a better experience. I pray if we are blessed with another child that all goes that smooth! Justin was amazing the entire time at the hospital and these past few weeks. Jayne kept me focused and of course knew all the doctors and nurses which made everything so laid back. (Which is good for a very anxious person like me!)

So to real time. Breastfeeding has been going great. Brantley has been the best baby ever. She goes about 2.5 - 3 hours in between feedings and now sometimes longer at night. She is growing like a weed! Her bilirubin level was a little high when we left the hospital so he told us to keep her in a bright room with just a diaper on. We had a few doctor visits and her bilirubin was fine so we never had to go under those crazy lights. We go to the doctor for her 1 month checkup in 2 weeks! She has gained weight really well so I'm glad to know mommy milk is working. Lately she's been a little gassy but the doctor says that's typical of a 3 week old. She loves her bath and loves looking at lights. The doctor thinks her eyes are going to be blue! My mom's dad had blue eyes so I think that's where they came from. Never would have though they'd be blue! Her belly button fell off a week ago. Dad handled that part! Around 2 weeks she made her first visit to see the cows. She couldn't really see out the window but we know she is excited to see them soon. Cash and Brinkley have sniffed her some but we haven't let them close since they've been outside dogs for a few weeks now and it's too hot to take B outside for long, especially with the bugs! 

She went on her first spend the night trip to the lake last weekend. She also went on her first boat ride! She didn't love the life jacket.. safety first! I got really sick earlier this week with a bad UTI and 103 degree temperature so Justin played mom the past two days. I am feeling much better today but still resting. After the first two weeks I think my adrenaline just ran out and exhaustion caught up. 

Other than that small hang up the past few weeks have been amazing. It is finally setting in that we have a perfectly healthy baby girl. I can't say enough for how great Justin has been. He has fixed all my meals, washed clothes, brought me medicine, and handled pretty much any other need I've had. I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend and that we have now have a precious baby together!
This post is SUPER long but I had to do it for sake of documentation! Now for a few pictures!

Monday, August 6, 2012

She's here and she's perfect

This is my first time blogging from my phone so excuse any typos! Brantley Ann made her debut July 26 at 4:13. I could not have asked for a better delivery. I can't believe she is already almost 2 weeks old! If my blog post are scarce, it's because I'm enjoying every second with this precious baby girl. I could not be more blessed!! I will post soon with her birth story and pictures.