Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Months

Happy 5 months Brantley! So happy that I am posting on the actual day. I know I say this every month but I can't believe you are 5 months old. You are changing everyday!! 

Here you are checking out your first Christmas ornament from GeeGee

You met Santa

Happy baby!

You had a great first Christmas! You got a lot of toys, books and clothes from your grandparents. Your daddy gave you a beautiful silver bracelet and a matching one for mama.

Here's what you've been up to lately:
-we started cereal 2 weeks ago because you are waking up in the night
-you've started napping about twice a day although today you're napping more since you traveled a lot over Christmas!
-you are trying so hard to laugh but nothing really comes out
-you have found your feet and like playing with them
-you love to watch the dogs. If you get really fussy I let Brinkley in and you will watch her play
-you are still eating 5 times a day ; when you get a bottle I give you 7 ounces so you must be growing!
-earlier this month we went to the doctor for your 4 month checkup. You weighed 13 lbs 3 ounces and were 25 1/4 in long. Top 15 for height and 50th percentile for weight. It was sad to watch you get shots again but you rallied back pretty fast

That's about it! I finally cleaned off my camera card and moved some pictures around so when I get more time I will upload more pictures.

Today is also a special day because one of my best friends from middle school gets to meet her little girl, Hailey Ruth! My friend found out a few weeks ago Hailey has some heart problems so please play for a safe delivery and for the doctors who are taking care of her. You can follow her story here:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 Months

Happy 4 months (a few days late) Brantley!! I'm glad I waited to write this post because you have already changed so much since then. 

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving.

You are grabbing everything!!

You are really trying to sit up and move so when I put you in a sitting position you either wiggle down or fall forward. There's no slowing you down!

You finally got to meet GeeGee! We had a great time visiting and a wonderful supper at Our Place. She saw you roll from your back to tummy for the first time too!!

Brantley I swear this week you have been a different baby each day. First you rolled over (with EASE) from back to front. Now if I lay you on the ground you immediately roll over. Then you get mad and roll from front to back like you've been doing.

The car seat is better but I still cringe everytime I put you in there, waiting for you to start up.

You are grabbing everything and figuring out how to use those little hands.

If I had to guess I'd say you weigh around 13-14 lbs. I think you're petite. You weigh a little less than I did at your age and certainly are not as plump! You do have some small leg rolls.

Everyone thinks you are looking more and more like me. You definitely have my head shape. I wouldn't mind if you were my little mini me :)

We go back to the doctor in a week for your 4 month shots :( I can't wait to hear what he says about  you because I think you are just perfect. I couldn't have been blessed with a healthier baby. You still eat really good, about 5 times a day and are napping GREAT in your bed (and car seat sometimes!!) You still nap about 4-5 times a day. I think you are eating around 6 ounces because when I occasionally give you a bottle it's about 6 ounces.

We love you so much Brantley and we can't WAIT until your first Christmas!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2011

Just had to do a quick post this morning. One year ago today I woke up, fairly early. Justin headed out to play golf with his cousin, I was going to ride horses with his cousin's mom at Lake Martin. As soon as Justin left, I ran to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. After anxiously waiting, not really sure what it would say, I went to check it. PREGNANT. It definitely took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I immediately called Justin, more in shock than excitement. After a few minutes when the news sunk in we were both really excited!! His cousin has 3 small kids and Justin said he joked with him all day about when we were going to have kids haha! I was a nervous WRECK about horseback riding!! I knew you weren't supposed to ride if you were pregnant but HOW pregnant did that mean!? I called an OB doctor's office and talked to a nurse on call. She was laughing and said it was probably fine. I didn't want to hear a "probably fine" I needed a "of course you can, crazy!" Anyways, I was VERY cautious to say the least. Poor Cowgirl was so out of shape and bounced me all over the place. Lucky for her I wanted to take it easy that day too so we hung in the back of the pack! 

I really can't believe it has been an entire year since we found out. Like everything else these days it feels like it flew by. In a few days she will be 4 months old. I can't believe it! With Thanksgiving being a few days away, this is definitely my "thankful for" this year. Last year during the blessing my mom said "we are thankful for new family members to come next year." Emily and Brewer had just been engaged so everyone assumed it was for him. Little did they know little Brantley would be coming!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 Months & a birthday

Brantley will be 3 months in 2 days!! Hard to believe! I know I am 2 days early but she is napping. By herself. In her crib. I have been walking around the house in circles because I don't know what to do!! 

Here are a few things about Brantley!
-You STILL hate your carseat. If I had to take you to daycare everyday it would really be a nightmare. I know it doesn't help that it takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere from our house either.
-Until the past day or so, you were still only napping with me, while I was rocking. I know on my last post I said you were napping alone with the hairdryer. Sometimes you would, sometimes you wouldn't. Lately I just put you down with the hairdryer song going. We will worry about not having it playing during nap time later haha
-You are trying so hard to sit up and HATE to be leaning back. We went to the Junior League Holiday Market last week and you did so good in the Snugli carrier. As long as you are upright and checking things out you are ok. 
-You are finally  sitting well by yourself and not being held all the time. (Partly my fault I'm sure) You sit in your swing in the morning and during the day I sit you on the couch, in your bumbo, in the boppy and even your high chair. 
-You still eat 5-6 times a day and nap between every meal. 
-You have been drooling a LOT lately and sucking on your hands. I've heard teething can start 1-3 months out so maybe that's the case.
-You are still not sleeping in your crib at night... I'm too chicken to try it again. Surely by the time you're 5... haha

Everyday gets better and  better with her. She is starting to smile and coo a lot more now. I love hearing her little voice. It's amazing how fast they change. 

UPDATE: See above. I haven't taken your official 3 month photo yet but here are some recent pictures of you! (And your 2 month photo since it got left out!)

Last but not least, happy birthday to the most amazing husband, best friend, daddy to our precious girl, I could EVER ask for! It's already been one amazing year and I can't wait to see what we will be doing on your next birthday. I love you so much and am thankful for all that you do for us!! (Brantley loved staring at the candles!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Months

This post is a little late! Right now I am sitting here watching Brantley lay in her pack 'n play surrounded by toys and a iHome playing "Hairdryer" on repeat... Yes, this is the only way (so far) I am getting her to nap without me rocking her! 

 It's hard to believe we have had our sweet baby for 2 months. Time really flies. We had her 2 month appointment and few weeks ago and she did great. She got 3 shots (6 vaccines) and 1 oral vaccine. I was one of those moms that cried when their baby got a shot! It was awful!! The crying didn't bother me so much because she screams like that in the car seat but the shock on her face when they stuck her was so sad :( Babies are so helpless and it is so sad to see them like that. On to happier things! Here are her stats: Weight 11 lb 10 oz , 23 inches, 15 1/2 head. When I was the same age I weighed 12 pounds and was 23 inches so we are similar in size. 

Here are some notes about what Brantley is like:
-you HATE the carseat. I have bought toys, a mirror that lights up and sings and have tried white noise. It seems to help but once you realize you are strapped down it's over..
-you are sleeping through the night! Around 8 weeks we started putting you to bed between 8-9 and would hear one peep around 2-3 when you wanted your pacifier. Then you wouldn't wake up again until 5-6. You are still in the side sleeper in mama and daddy's room. Crib attempt 1 did not go well. You woke up around 2 wanting pacifier and went back to sleep then woke up around 3 and I had to rock you. After 5 attempts to put you back I ended up rocking you from 4-6 in the recliner. You are back in the side sleeper... :)
-You eat 5-6 times a day and will take a bottle if needed.
-Before my newest "Hairdryer" song trick you were only napping ON me while I was constantly rocking. 

That nap didn't last! You are up screaming.

I may have to come back and update this post. Hope to post again soon with pictures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working Overtime

Yesterday I started my first day "working from home." What?! The past 9 months all I've talked about is "working from home" and it's here?! Well I definitely had a weird mix of emotions. Like my mama said yesterday after I told her this story, I have always been a "rule follower." Terrified of getting in trouble for anything! Well that hasn't changed! Yesterday I felt like I was doing something wrong. I was at home, enjoying my baby, watching TV and "working from home." I felt like I was skipping school!! After about 2 hours I got a grip and started to feel like myself again. I turned off the TV, put Brantley in her Snugli carrier and got to work! And it was great! Then I reminded myself of what little pay I am getting and took the afternoon "off." :)

Although I feel BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF to do this, I now have a full time and part time job. Caring for Brantley is a 24/7 (your favorite term mom) job and on top of that I am working part time for my previous job. PLUS keeping up a house and trying to keep my husband fed. Have I bit off more than I can chew? When I started thinking about all this I found the perfect quote...

The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow, for children grow up, I've learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. 

Could not have said it better myself. I don't know why but this reminded me of something my grandmother would say. I wish she was here to answer some of my "mothering" questions. I bet if I asked her if holding and rocking a baby all the time was bad she would say "absolutely not." Of course the next best thing (my mama) is here for all my questions and concerns and she always has the answer!

So back to my first day, I am a pretty organized person and when things get out of place or my routine gets messed up it drives me kind of crazy. So far these past 7 weeks have been anything BUT routine and things have definitely been out of place. It has taught me a few things:

-let go
-dishes, laundry and a clean house can wait
-a new "normal" will come with time
-enjoy every moment (good and bad) because it will pass quickly

Sunday Brantley smiled at her daddy for the first time. Of course I tried the rest of the day to get a slight smirk with no results. Yesterday morning she smiled at me for the first time. If she had been at daycare I would have missed this moment! I can't imagine what moms go through having to leave their children everyday for 8 hours then come home exhausted only to spend a few hours with their baby. Although working from home is going to be extremely difficult not only physically and mentally, I truly believe it is all worth it in the end. I'm thankful to have such a good support system of family!

Now for an update on Brantley! She has been doing well and not much has changed from my last post. I have learned she hates the car seat. I can't figure out if it's poking her in the legs or if she just hates being restrained. She is still an extremely active 7 week old and doesn't want to miss a thing! She sleeps maybe 4-5 hours during the day (2 good naps) and eats about every 2-3 hours. She has had some 5 to 6 hour stretches at night! Still sleeping on her stomach... She is starting to focus on things now for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes during the day she can be hard to handle. She LOVES to be outside and that will instantly calm her. She is still in the side sleeper. Now during naps and at night she has to have her Soothie pacifier so it's much easier to lay in bed and reach over to pop it back in. It will get easier once she can grab it and stick it back in herself but that could be months!

Now for a picture of my sweet baby. I upload most of my pictures to Facebook because it's easier than Blogger but I want to try and put a few on here for memories!

**First time moms/moms to be, this website will make you feel so much better!!

One month

First Auburn game

pretty blue eyes

first smile at daddy

first ride to see the horses

War Eagle!

From my birthday in August

Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Month

I'm doing this from my phone so excuse any typos! I have pictures on my camera but haven't had time to upload them yet. Brantley now wants to be held all the time so I rarely have a free hand! 

Sunday was her one month birthday! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. 5 weeks ago today we were bringing her home. It's amazing how the days pass by so fast! 

Here are a few things I want to remember about Brantley at this age:
-at her one month doctor appointment she weighed 10 lb 7 oz (85th percentile) and she was 22 1/4" (90th percentile). The doctor said she would be tall and that her blue eyes were a
done deal!
-she is still on mommy milk and it's going very well! She is eating some where around 4 oz 
-sleep is pretty good. She goes at least every 2 hours and sometimes 3 at night. We were sleeping in the nursery, B in the side sleeper, so Justin could rest. Now we have moved back in the bedroom. 
-you love your bath! And you love being outside! You love to be flipped over on your stomach, laying on my arm. Earlier this week I swear you smiled at me! You're still not totally focusing on eyes though. You love light and looking out windows.
-we sometimes give you a pacifier to help you sleep when you get really tired. The only on you take is the Gumdrop which looks so funny because we can see in your mouth while you are sucking. You're the only 5 week old I know that fights naps! You definitely got your business from your daddy although neither of is sit still too long! 
-you have already been on multiple boat rides and even made it to church. We were
5 minutes late and John stopped church so everyone could see you. Of course you woke up and I ended up walking around with you in the back of church to get you to sleep
-I don't think you're colicky but we think something is making you fussy during the day so we started probiotic drops
-I'm still not totally comfortable with you being around strangers so we hang around the house a lot

Next week I start back to work part time. I thank God I am not going to an office from 8-5 and taking you to daycare but it will be tough not being able to devote all my time to you! 

I am going to post your month pictures as soon as I get a chance!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birth story and the first weeks

It's not that I haven't really had time to blog but I am trying to soak up every moment with B! This may be kind of a random post but I want to remember all these details. 

I'm not going to get in ANY gross details with delivery because who wants to read that? Work had been SUPER slow so I decided to take off the week before she was due. It was a great time to relax (since I had nested enough lol) before her arrival. We went to the doctor on Monday 23rd and I had made a little more progress (I've already forgotten cm and dilation numbers!) With her due date that Sunday, I was worried about her coming on the weekend and not having Dr. Gentry to deliver her. After seeing him the past 9 months, I would not have been ok with a stranger coming in there! We found out who the on call doctor was (who is also a great doctor) but still wanted Gentry. At the appointment we discussed being induced. We discussed how everything would go, he answered all my questions concerning induction and even did a Bishop Score to see the chances of NOT having a c-section. Of course I wanted to induce early so I could meet Brantley early but I was not ok with messing with her birthday and the idea of messing with something when nothing is wrong. Dr. Gentry told us to think about it call in a day or so with our decision. After a lot of prayer, talking to lots of my friends (who strangely all were induced), and a few other medical reasons we decided it was the best idea and I am very happy with the decision we made! There is nothing better than peace of mind! 

I wanted to do Friday but Gentry suggested Thursday so I just went with what he said. We had to be at the hospital at 4 a.m. that Thursday morning. Sometimes people go in the night before but since I was already progressing we just had to go early. I was actually sleeping pretty well Wednesday night so getting up at 3 was tough! We got to Jackson Hospital at 4 and they started the pitocin around 4:45. Dr. Gentry came in around 8:30 and broke my water (super weird feeling) and I was around 3-4 cm. I started feeling contractions pretty well around 9 or a little after. They told me I could get the epidural as soon as I was ready and I was ready! No offense to those that delivered without epidural but natural childbirth it not something I needed/wanted to prove! Those contractions are something serious. Justin had the contraction monitor figured out and would tell me when one was coming. We would breathe through them and hope the anesthesiologist would be walking through the door soon! Dr. Jordan was our anesthesiologist and he was great. My epidural got started about 10. When he first came in he said "I've been doing this for 25 years." Best thing he could have said! It was not near as bad as I thought it would be. After that, it was literally like a party!

They checked me again around 1 and I was at 5 cm then 2 hours later the nurse (Ashley) checked and she said "Well you're about 9.5, I think it's time to push!" My heart rate immediately shot up! How could it be time?! Justin thought it was hilarious but I was so relaxed and feeling great from the epidural I had no idea it would happen that fast! Dr. Gentry we had learned went home to cut his grass and the nurse told us he was showering then headed there. We started pushing around 3:20 with the nurse and Dr. Gentry came in shortly after. All our family was right outside the delivery room and texting Jayne questions so Dr. Gentry was passing notes about what was going on and things like how Brantley had dark hair under the door to them. The room wasn't packed with a bunch of nurses like I thought it would be. It was us, Jayne, Ashley and the doctor for a while. Later on 2 nurses came in for when Brantley arrived. Throughout the pushing Dr. Gentry kept making jokes and literally had me laughing mid push. They kept asking if I wanted to take a break but I was determined to get her here! She made her debut screaming at 4:13 p.m. As soon as I saw her face it was like I already knew her because she looked EXACTLY like her 4D. 

We got to hold her for a second then they took her and weighed and measured her and brought her back for skin to skin. After about 45 minutes we let family come in to see her but it was so special because I got to hold her that entire time. Then they took her to the nursery and cleaned her all up. 

I could not have asked for better doctors/nurses or a better experience. I pray if we are blessed with another child that all goes that smooth! Justin was amazing the entire time at the hospital and these past few weeks. Jayne kept me focused and of course knew all the doctors and nurses which made everything so laid back. (Which is good for a very anxious person like me!)

So to real time. Breastfeeding has been going great. Brantley has been the best baby ever. She goes about 2.5 - 3 hours in between feedings and now sometimes longer at night. She is growing like a weed! Her bilirubin level was a little high when we left the hospital so he told us to keep her in a bright room with just a diaper on. We had a few doctor visits and her bilirubin was fine so we never had to go under those crazy lights. We go to the doctor for her 1 month checkup in 2 weeks! She has gained weight really well so I'm glad to know mommy milk is working. Lately she's been a little gassy but the doctor says that's typical of a 3 week old. She loves her bath and loves looking at lights. The doctor thinks her eyes are going to be blue! My mom's dad had blue eyes so I think that's where they came from. Never would have though they'd be blue! Her belly button fell off a week ago. Dad handled that part! Around 2 weeks she made her first visit to see the cows. She couldn't really see out the window but we know she is excited to see them soon. Cash and Brinkley have sniffed her some but we haven't let them close since they've been outside dogs for a few weeks now and it's too hot to take B outside for long, especially with the bugs! 

She went on her first spend the night trip to the lake last weekend. She also went on her first boat ride! She didn't love the life jacket.. safety first! I got really sick earlier this week with a bad UTI and 103 degree temperature so Justin played mom the past two days. I am feeling much better today but still resting. After the first two weeks I think my adrenaline just ran out and exhaustion caught up. 

Other than that small hang up the past few weeks have been amazing. It is finally setting in that we have a perfectly healthy baby girl. I can't say enough for how great Justin has been. He has fixed all my meals, washed clothes, brought me medicine, and handled pretty much any other need I've had. I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend and that we have now have a precious baby together!
This post is SUPER long but I had to do it for sake of documentation! Now for a few pictures!

Monday, August 6, 2012

She's here and she's perfect

This is my first time blogging from my phone so excuse any typos! Brantley Ann made her debut July 26 at 4:13. I could not have asked for a better delivery. I can't believe she is already almost 2 weeks old! If my blog post are scarce, it's because I'm enjoying every second with this precious baby girl. I could not be more blessed!! I will post soon with her birth story and pictures. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

Another week has come and gone! We are down to single digits for Brantley's arrival... what?!? That is my number 1 Friday Favorite: 9 days till baby is here!! It's really strange but it seems like everyday this week pregnancy gets a little more stressful, physically and mentally. I haven't been sleeping near as well and I feel like she has grown a ton... I'm a little anxious about the delivery but so ready for her to be here. I just pray everything goes smoothly and I get the doctor I've had the whole time!!

Other Friday Favorites:

Loving these Emi Jay hair ties.

Do yourself a favor and go buy this now. It is AMAZING and there are only about 5 ingredients.

I've gone through a bit of mascara funk lately. I don't normally spend a lot of money on it because the cheap stuff is just as good. I saw a review on this kind and I really like it! I found out they have small sizes for super cheap so I got just a tiny tube. There's nothing worse than paying $5 for something that you hate. I think I may just experiment with the tiny tubes for a while!

I'm not one of those crazy football countdown people but fall and football season are just around the corner! Brantley has so many cute fall clothes and jackets I can't WAIT to put her in! Particularly this one...

Baby bear fleece

Does it get much cuter?! This is from L.L. Bean.

Did I mention Brantley will be here in 9 days?! AND this is my last day of work before she gets here. Can't wait to relax next week and get ready for her!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

38 Week Update

Yesterday I had my weekly checkup. No change from last week. The doctor thinks instead of being a week early she will be closer to her due date but maybe still early. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Now it's just a waiting game! Everything is done including stuff at work so now I just have time to THINK. If I were super busy I would probably be stressed about getting stuff done so bored or busy, I would feel the same way. It's funny how my emotions change from week to week. Last week it was almost to scary to think that she was going to be here so soon! This week I'm SO READY for her to be here, no worries at all of how it's all going to go. I'm trying to be patient and enjoy these last 2 weeks.

 Everyone says rest and enjoy this quiet time... I'm just not one to do that especially when I know there's a baby on the way! After this week of work, I am planning on taking off a few days next week to chill out. Hopefully she will be here by then! 

My doctor did mention inducing me. From the start I never even thought about it because I feel like that's planning out her birthday and forcing your body to do something it's not ready to do. Now that he's mentioned it, I can't get it off my mind! I know I only have 12 days but like I said, being patient is not my strong point! We are going to wait and see how the next appointment goes and then decide. She is due on a Sunday so if she's LATE it will be cutting into my maternity leave and I do NOT want that to happen. 5 weeks isn't very long for leave :( .

Who knows though, it could be any day! She will come when she's ready :) She just has a lot of anxious people ready to meet her!!!

Patience requires patience.

I will try and behave the best I can!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

"And yesterday felt like two days..."

Friday- Where the heck have you been!? If you don't recognize the quote then I guess you haven't seen the movie The Jerk. Such a good movie. This for some reason seems like the longest week ever. Maybe because it's the first FULL week back since being off for the 4th of July. 

Work has also slowed down a lot. I like to be busy so not having much to do at work makes the days draggggg. I don't want to rush my last two weeks of pregnancy but it's all I can think about with all this extra time!! 

14 days seems so close, yet so far away. I remember counting down 6 weeks until finding out if she was a boy or girl. 14 days is nothing compared to that!! I've got my bags in the car, the nursery pretty well set up (still need to put a few things up from the last shower), all returnable items returned, house pretty spotless.... what else is there? Everyone says to relax and take it easy... that makes me feel like I'm just sitting around waiting and I really hate waiting.

Most of the time by this point people are miserable and over being pregnant. Other than my swelling starting back up this week I feel great. I'm just ready for her to be here! I'm so restless and anxious for her arrival! If the doctor is correct on his guesstimate of a week to 10 days early, she could be here in less than a week. That's pretty scary to think about but my gut feeling is she won't be here that early. 

Until then I guess I will just keep on cleaning and straightening the house until she gets here! Justin is also starting to get really anxious to meet her so that makes time go by even slower! 

On the farm news, the other day one of our Jersey cows had a calf. We bought some Jersey milk cows last year to put bottle calves on. It saves a lot of money and time. Our cows normally calve late fall through early spring. We breed the Jersey cows to calve earlier so by the time our cows start calving, their calf is big enough to be weaned and we can put the bottle calf on her. Here are a few photos of the first calf. He's so tiny!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

37 Weeks

As of last Sunday I am 37 weeks! I cannot believe Brantley will be here in 3 weeks or less. Our checkup went well Monday, no more progress. I didn't ask if he still thought she would be a week - 10 days early because I feel like their patients bug them with those questions all the time! He did say she is very low. I plan on keeping up my busy routine and moving around as much as possible, without overdoing it of course. 

The 4th of July was great! I was off work from Wednesday - Friday so I took a small internet/computer hiatus as well. It's nice to take a break when you stare at a screen all day at work! We went to the lake Tuesday through Friday and relaxed. Saturday night we had dinner with one of my best friends and her husband who recently moved close by. We had our last baby shower Sunday and got lots of goodies! We got some video monitors, a swing and stroller! I had so much fun getting it all out and playing with it. I finally finished packing my hospital bag. I have been slowly packing it over the past 2 weeks. 

All we have left to do is install the car seat! I am definitely going to have to stay busy these next few weeks. I'm trying to enjoy it being just Justin and me right now but it's hard not to focus on my belly right in front of me!

Week 37 so far has been great. I'm having a lot of Braxton Hicks contracts but nothing painful. I didn't know I was having them until the doctor pointed them out and just this week I have noticed they are getting stronger. One weird thing I've noticed is my knuckles are sore. I don't know if it's from expanding joints or what but when I try and pop my fingers it hurts. Other than that these past few weeks I have felt the best the whole pregnancy. It is difficult having no core strength and not being able to move around as easily as before. 

That's about all that has been going on. I don't think I can clean or rearrange my house again. Everything is pretty well in place. Mama came over Saturday and helped me get everything ready so if she were to come early we would be set up. As bad as I want her to come early, I want her to stay in as long as she needs!

Here's a few photos because I hate pictureless post!

Bella my bottle calf. She realized she's a cow!

Screw in baby gates = no fun... I will definitely be getting a different kind for the nursery door. This is just for our bedroom so we could keep the dogs in our room at night. It gets too hot leaving the door shut and one certain little brown dog gets into trouble when she roams at night.

What a hard life. Brinkley slept like this on Justin even with him snoring. She is so spoiled.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nursery Tour!

Ok, first.... IT'S JULY PEOPLE. This means D-Day is 27 days away!!

On to the nursery... I think the room is as complete as it's going to be! The room was kind of hard to photograph - I think it was the lighting but I'm so ready to post the pictures these will have to do!

It could not have turned out anymore perfect! This is exactly as I pictured it in my head. I wish there was more closet space but so far it's worked out fine. My inspiration came from this blog :

I'll start out with a few detail pieces then get to bigger ones of the full room...

This was a shower gift from my mom. I just love the antique look with the burlap and ribbons. It pretty much sums up how I wanted the room to look. I'm thinking we are going to take this to hang on the hospital door!

This sweet little lamp was my grandmother's. All we did was stick a new lamp shade on it. The horseshoe was given to me by a college friend. She has started her own line of western jewelry/paintings/purses etc. Look her up on Facebook or Etsy at Dirt Road Girls !

Her going home gown. In a few pictures you can see it is hanging above her crib.

We couldn't decide if we should do a "theme" with pictures like "The Places You'll Go" or what with this. I decided to just keep it simple with a farm/animal theme. In the future I may expand it to the other side of the wall with some more pictures but I thought these were cute for now. It's a few of the things I love that I hope she will too!

This rocking chair was used by Justin's mom when he was a baby.

This is one of my favorite pieces.. It is an old calendar from my great grandfather's (J.T. Miller) store.

Here is a closer detailed shot. The year was 1929! I love the pink acorns. It's like it was made for this room.

I think I have posted this before but here is the sign Justin made from pallet wood that I painted.

and again.

This is immediately to your right when you walk into the nursery through the door on the right. Justin made this bookshelf and I used it in my apartment in Auburn during college. The pink and white frame came from my mother in law, once again, exact look of how I wanted the room to look. "We loved you before you were born" sign came from my Aunt Judy. I LOVE this quote and would have put it on the pallet wood if I thought it would have fit. The white lamb piggy bank came from my mom's boss, Jane. I just love the look of a few white pieces.

Here is another picture with the calendar handing above. This picture makes this wall look huge compared to the calendar but it really isn't. The closet is to the left of the shelf.

Here is her crib. The bedding came from Restoration Hardware along with the matching comforter. This came from Aunt Judy.

I love the monogrammed blanket.

Another shot of the crib. 

This little dresser came from my parents lakehouse. It was in mine and my brother's nursery. It used to be white with yellow and blue knobs. Mama and I got on an "antique look" kick and this is how it turned out. We LOVE it and couldn't believe how easy it was to do!

Some of her wardrobe! The above dresser drawers are full of clothes as well. She should be very well dressed!

Here is another special piece. This bassinet started with my Aunt Judy when she was a baby and was also used by my dad. It has a stand with wheels and rolls around so easy. It is perfect when BB is tiny and I can just roll her around. 

Here is a full shot of the right side of the room when you walk in. The cow skin rug came from the rodeo this past March and I really love how it turned out. I didn't want too much of a country/western theme AT ALL so I love the subtle touches of the farm pictures and rug. The white on the edges ties into the rest of the light colors. 

This is looking at the left side of the room. The color in this picture isn't that great. The bed used to be a full bed that we converted into a daybed and threw a white quilt on. The big wreath has a few white flowers on it which can easily be changed out and updated. The pink pillows at the back and the bunny pillow came from Restoration Hardware. We have the pattern on the back pink pillows as a crib sheet as well. It all ties in to the same style line. The bigger pink and two smaller pillows came from a little store in town. I just love the softness of it and especially how it is a mixture of light pinks and not "matchy matchy" stuff. (This reminds me of being engaged when I would try on  wedding dresses and emphasize I did NOT want beading yet they would still bring me dresses with beading! I actually had to have mine made WITHOUT the beading and pay extra! Just like the beading, I wasn't having any "matchiness" in the nursery! haha)

That pretty much sums up the nursery! I don't plan on changing a thing. I may do a little rearranging with things like the baskets on the floor and I'm sure the bassinet will float all over the house. I definitely could not have put this together without the help of my mom and Aunt Judy! We all had the same idea in mind and it looks amazing. 

Our "babymoon" this past weekend was GREAT. We just rode around on the pontoon and relaxed. There won't be too many more chances for just the two of us to get away and relax like that, at least not without our mind on a certain little someone. 

We go to the doctor today and maybe I have made more progress but I'm not getting my hopes up!