Monday, October 25, 2010

Debter Sale

This weekend past weekend, Cowboy and I, along with Pops, Papaw and Ted, drove to north Alabama for a bull sale. Saturday marked the 38th annual Debter Hereford/Fleming Angus Bull Sale*. The Debter Hereford Farm is located in Horton, AL.

The weather was beautiful so the 2 hour drive was not too bad. When we arrived, there were a lot more people than I expected, and a lot more of these guys....

Just look at all of them!! (There were many more out of sight)

Before the sale, we decided to walk around and check out the bulls to see which ones we would want to bid on.

At the end of the bull sale they were also auctioning some cows so we checked them out as well.

Looks like there's some serious conversation going on here....

After we walked around and checked things out, we had steak sandwiches for lunch (I've never really been a fan... why not JUST the steak?)

I assumed this would be a regular auction like the one we usually attend at the Montgomery Stockyard on Mondays. This was a little more intense... Inside the auction barn were 3 sets of stadium bleachers. They were facing a center semi-circle where the bulls were let in to be overlooked by potential buyers. Outside this semi-circle were 4 men who watched the stands for people bidding**. I was unaware that these men would be YELLING, more like HOLLERING,  at the auctioneer whenever a potential buyer made a bid.  It was very interesting.

Kinda blurry because I used my phone but you can see here how the whole deal works. The bull is let in, people start bidding, bull is let out, people keep bidding and by then, the bidding is done and the bull is "Sold 'em for $4,500!" It's fascinating to listen to the auctioneer... I really don't see how they get to rambling off numbers that fast.

Although we didn't leave with a bull, it was a beautiful day for a quick trip to north Alabama. The average price of the bulls was around $4,400, a little more than we were wanting to spend!

*Debter Hereford Farm website:
**bidding: (v.) lifting of finger, nodding of hat, scratching your nose
(I was very careful of any sudden movements....)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Milo

This time of year on the farm is one of my favorites. From now until Spring, it's CALVING SEASON! (later post to come about calving)

This year has been ESPECIALLY exciting. Since our house is practically on the farm now, I asked my father-in-law (Pops) if I could keep a bottle calf at my house this year if there were to be one.

He agreed !! (without much convincing)

He didn't mind passing along the tasks of feeding the calf every morning and every afternoon. He's got a lot of work to do, I figured I would just take that off his hands :)

Now, a bottle calf is not exactly a good thing. When I told Cowboy that I hoped we had a bottle calf this year he said, "I hope we DON'T!!"

Bottle calves tend to be very tiny, puny as Cowboy calls them, and are sold once they put some weight on. Having to sell the calf early means not as much money since it weighs so little.

I have learned from the very beginning that on the farm, cows are a form of income, not pets. Although one day I WILL have a bottle calf as a yard pet :) (I'm sure Cowboy will give into this)

So about a month ago a precious little caramel-colored calf was born on Bar Neal Farms. Her mother starved her, poor thing so Pops brought her on to his house. If she survived he told me I could have her.

But first Cowboy says, "Now you KNOW this is a bottle calf and we cannot have it as a pet?"
me- "Yes sir.."

A week later, she was in my backyard !

Isn't she the cutest thing ever??? Who WOULDN'T want one???

After much debate and thought, Cowboy and I came up with the name Milo.

She weighs about 50 lbs. which is a good size so I can handle her! Learning to walk with the halter is still a work in progress... Here are some pics of our first attempts...

"Please don't make me walk with this stupid halter..."

"I'm free!!!!"

Cowboy: "Not so fast squirt!"

Milo is still real skittish of people so I'm trying to get my hands on her as much as possible. She's a little blind in her right eye which makes her even more scared.

Cowboy and I decided the other day to let her out in our backyard with our "children" the other day. (I think Cowboy is really taking to her, yard pet maybe?)

It was sad and funny at the same time. Milo was CLUELESS and Cash and Brinkley thought she was just another dog to play with!

I know it's a little blurry. I was trying to take pictures fast so I could rescue Milo from the dogs!

After a little time to herself she got used to the yard and started eating the grass which is GREAT!! I LOVE having her but she looks SO pitiful, she needs to put on some LBS!!! (Cowgirl and Red are in the background. They haven't quite figured Milo out yet.)

Seems like Cowgirl has made pretty good friends with her. I think she's telling me here she wants her own baby. I'll have to relay that one to Cowboy so we can have baby Cowgirls !! I know he will be thrilled! ... not so much haha!

See?? This is her coming to watch me feed Milo her breakfast bottle. She's trying to tell me something... Cowboy needs to see this. She's showing her maternal side!

**More pictures of Milo to come!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Livin' the Dream... my brother says I always knew what I wanted

Since, I was little, I have pretty much been "set in my ways" (if that's possible at a young age?) Independent, determined... doing my own thing. When Cowboy and I first met, I looked at it as a challenge. I was trying to win the prize, but I wasn't sure I really wanted it.

Little did I know, I would soon be telling my mom and cousin, "He could be the one." (Littttttle dramatic to say after a first date, yes, but I can be a little dramatic every now and then...)
As a child, my DREAM LIFE has been to live on a farm, with cows, horses, dogs and any other animal I could think of. Dream job would be a veterinarian but let's be honest, I can't stand for an ant to suffer. OK maybe an ant is ok but you get the picture.

SO, being on a semi-looking for a guy-but I don't really want a boyfriend-but then I think I do-but I'm reallllly picky about guys-hunt, my mom and I made this some what outrageous list of the qualities *my perfect guy* would have. It went a little something like this...
  • smart
  • athletic
  • loves to hunt/fish
  • isn't lazy
  • big truck
  • big/tall
  • funny
  • has cows, horses
  • lives on a farm
  • attractive
  • has a good family
  • loves my family

After giving in to going on a few dates with Cowboy, (I was trying to do the "hard-to-get" thing...) I realized, nope, this list is NOT for him. He not only MET every quality, but over time added much more to my list! Let's compare. Cowboy's qualities in green.

  • smart (at the time on his way to being a Biosystems Engineer, which he is now)
  • athletic (Starting pitcher for a college baseball team -and getting an engineer degree?? How much better can it be?)
  • loves to hunt/fish (before I started GOING hunting with Cowboy, I dreaded hunting season because my then title "girlfriend" got bumped down a notch or 2 on the priority list!)
  • isn't lazy (he's a work horse...! 5 a.m. start to a Saturday morning? Totally normal)
  • big truck (big, navy blue, brand new 2005 Dodge Ram's got a Hemi)
  • big/tall  (6'2")
  • funny (usually while not trying to be)
  • has cows, horses (only about 350 cows, 10 horses -one of which is my beloved Cowgirl :) )
  • lives on a farm (roughly 1,900 acres)
  • attractive (tall, dark and handsome)
  • has a good family (feels just like home! but I must admit my HOME is my HOME)
  • loves my family (let's just quote Brother Rob on this, "If you don't date him, I will!")

My first list proves, I know what I want. In addition, I know what I DON'T want! With Cowboy, there was no way NOT to have my PERFECT life. Since our introduction in 2006, I find something new I love about him and our life together, everyday.

Since June 26, 2010, and pretty much the years prior to, I've been Livin' the Dream.