Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frosty the Hereford

Today was a cold morning.

Luckily this guy was born Christmas Eve before it got too chilly.

and luckily Cowboy got her tagged before Big Mama got after him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Quacked Out

Dear Tunica, MS,

I despise you for taking my husband away for the weekend, especially so close to Christmas.


Angry Wife of a Duck Hunter

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Favorite Things

One of my best friends who lives in Georgia used to work at an Ulta store. This past week she told me I could use her "Family/Friends" information to get a 40% discount. I don't normally spend a lot of money on makeup but sometimes you just have to splurge.

The other night while Cowboy and I were at East Chase, I popped in Ulta to get a few items. These are now some of my FAVORITE things!!

This lotion is GREAT! I like the SPF in it but it doesn't make your face greasy and it's absorbed quickly.

Splurge #1: I have been buying the cheap Wal-Mart loose powder but as most girls know, it's just NOT the same... plus it's almost impossible trying to find the right color! This stuff is great and last all day, especially with this...

Splurge #2: This is pretty pricey for just 2 fl. oz. so I try not to use it everyday. I've never messed with primer and didn't know you could actually use it with loose powder. It makes a HUGE difference!

With my discount, I got this (plus 2 bottles nail polish) for $40. I love saving money :)

Also since it's Christmastime, I have to include my FAVORITE Christmastime character...

I LOVE this Rudolph. 

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Here is the promised picture of Cowgirl's pedicure. I just LOVE freshly shod horse hooves (I guess that's correct terminology??)

Today, this was what I watched as I ate my lunch...

Meet Gus

Full name: Gustavo Sideris (named after one of the best bass fisherman on Lake Jordan... He was thrilled when we told him we named our dog after him)

Age: 10 in January

Favorite food: whatever is in the bowl

Favorite tricks: Shake, retrieving the paper every morning (doesn't matter if it's the neighbor's either)

Nicknames: Will, Gus Bugs

How we met: Brother Rob was very sick one spring. What does a mother do when her son is terribly sick? Buys him a puppy!!

Gus, along with Boo (our cat who is roughly 18), is the last of my childhood pets. I was 13 when we got Gus. I can't express my love for this dog.

Gus was verrrry, verrrry sleepy today at lunch... as if he's done ANYTHING other than sleep today...

When I first started eating, he acted real good. Sitting very still, ears perked, very statue-like....

Once he realized he wasn't getting any scraps, he started fading and FAST.

If I had to describe Gus in one word, I'd say loyal. He is a MAN'S dog. If Brother is in town, Gus is stuck to his side.

He once started a fight with a friend's dog because Brother and the friend were wrestling. True story. What are male dogs to do when their MEN are "fighting"? Apparently attack each other. It made for a FUN 4th of July.

Now this little one is a different story. Meet Ellie Bell or ask Uncle Chris calls her Nellie Bell.

Here the queen is warming her bones, like a little old lady. She's only 5...

I'll save her story for another day!

Here's a short video I took the other day. Cowboy and I were going to sit in the truck and see if we saw any deer. Of course the cows had to come check us out. As soon as Cowboy's dad pulled up, stocked with pellets, they took off! I don't know if you can tell in the video but this cow had HUGE ears listeners.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The way it is

Lately I've been feeling really bad for Milo. It rained pretty good earlier this week (and we DEFINITELY needed it) then a cold front came through and it's been very cold. All the other little calves have their mama's to snuggle up to on these cold days and all Milo has is a small bed of hay to lay on.

Now I know she is a COW and she's a lot WARMER than she looks but it still makes me sad. She should be out running around with all the other little calves. It's actually kind of funny to watch her now that it's "Kick and Buck" weather, as my mom and I call it. She jumps around in her pen, kicking her legs and shaking her head around.

It's really funny when Cowboy and I go feed pellets to the cows because the calves will all of a sudden get a burst of energy and start running around really fast and kicking their legs wildly in all directions! I wish Milo could be out there with them. She's been eating her feed a little better so we may try and give her half a bottle in the a.m. and half in the p.m. She's starting to get a bottle calf potbelly on her...

A few weeks ago, I thought I was going to have another bottle calf. Cowboy's dad stopped by our house the other day to borrow the bottle. I over heard him and Cowboy talking and ran into the kitchen asking,

Me:"Do I get another bottle calf?!?"
       "Where is it?!"

Cowboy's dad: "I got 'em the truck right now."

I run outside and look in the truck and see this.

Look at that sweet little baby... 

All cozied up in the floorboard of the truck. Mr. Nealy asked me if I wanted it and I said, "Better make sure it lives before I get my hands on it!" Unfortunately this little one didn't make it.

**I have had traumatic experiences during my childhood with baby animals not surviving (i.e. turtles, rabbits... I can't go on...) and I don't think I can handle it now. Bless my mother for bringing them all in.**

Before I met Cowboy, losing this little guy would have torn me to pieces. (and it still does) But now I understand that on a farm it's just the way it is. It is very sad sometimes. It's not just a business of raising and selling cows/calves, it's a way of life.

When I first met Cowboy, I was literally SHOCKED to find out he had not named all his cows... I'm surprised he didn't laugh in my face then! I understand the operation much better now and it's nearly impossible to name them all, but I do have a few named.

I know this post is kind of random but I've just been thinking about little Milo outside in the cold and the little one that didn't make it. One of these days Milo will be boppin' around with all her other little calf friends! (hopefully soon... it's cold feeding her outside early in the morning!!)

What's for dinner?

Lately I've been wanting to take pictures of meals as I prepare them. Last night was my first time. Please excuse the horrible picture quality, I'm still practicing. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new camera for Christmas! =D

I stumbled upon a recipe for baked potato soup recently and figured it would be perfect for this chilly weather. It came from the Southern Living magazine so I knew it couldn't be bad.

For this recipe you will need baked potatoes, half and half, milk, one onion, butter, flour, S&P, shredded cheese and bacon.

First you bake the potatoes, peel them, then mash with a fork until they look like this...

*To save time I baked my potatoes the previous night so all I had to do was peel and mash them.

Next, put butter and one chopped onion in pot and saute over medium to high heat until onions are tender.

After the onions become tender, add flour and stir until smooth.

Then add half and half, milk and S&P to taste.

Then add the potatoes...

until well blended.

Cook on medium heat stirring occasionally until soup is thick and heated through. 

Add cheese, bacon bits and chives (if you want) and enjoy!
*Cowboy added ranch to his and it was VERY good.

Here are the exact measurements...

Homemade Baked Potato Soup

5 large baking potatoes (baked in oven or microwave)
1 medium onion, chopped
1/4 cup butter
3/4 cup flour
4 cups half & half
3 cups of milk
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp salt
 bacon, cooked and chopped
shredded cheese
The soup does not look that WHITE in real life, once again, I'm waiting on my new camera!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December!!

I must agree with Cowboy that Thanksgiving should not have to share the day with Christmas. Thanksgiving gets ONE DAY while Christmas pretty much gets an entire month. This year radio stations started playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving day. Sheesh people...

I really can't complain though... I love Christmas time and Christmas music and almost every year when it's over, I regret not starting to celebrate sooner... This year was different! I'm a married woman and I can start decorating MY house when I want to !!! I'm joking but I really did want to get my Christmas stuff up so I can relax and enjoy it all.

How was this year different? Well, my Christmas cards were mailed TODAY, Sunday we purchased extra tree ornaments, lights AND we picked out/cut/decorated our tree. Oh yeah, we also put together and decorated a gingerbread house :) Cowboy is getting tired of Christmas already. I keep explaining that this year is different.

It's "Our First Christmas." This is the time when we start our own traditions in our own house with our own little family (dogs, calf, etc....) ((sorry for the excessive use of "own", that sentence is starting to look funny...))

If you can't tell, I'm very excited about it!! All I have left to do is make my Christmas wreaths for the doors and put the final touches on my decorations! Here are a few pictures of our first tree !

Here's Cowboy cutting down the tree.

Isn't it so pretty and fresh and real ?!

I just LOVE our tree.

Here's our gingerbread house! We both made ourselves sick because we ate half of it before it made it on the house.

I'll post a picture of my wreaths as soon as they're finished!

P.S. We also pregnancy checked some cows Sunday and I figured out where all my extra hair ties have been disappearing to....

'Tis the Season

It's that time of year again.

Everyone is getting ready..

dilligently preparing...

getting all their stuff together...

it's... it's....

(It comes in for a weekend, goes back out, then THIS Saturday the full season officially begins.)

This may not excite everyone, but for all those girls out there with hunting boyfriends/husbands, you know what I'm talking about. I've never seen guys get so excited. Looking back to when Cowboy and I first started dating, I understand why he wanted me to go hunting with him. (At least this is what I like to think...) He just couldn't STAND to miss a morning/afternoon of hunting and he most certainly couldn't STAND to miss a minute of hanging out with me. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what he will tell you too!

So it began last Friday. I've never killed a duck before. My brother and dad didn't do a lot of duck hunting when I was growing up so Cowboy introduced me to it. Getting up bright and early when the temperature is below 50 degrees is not my ideal way to start the day.

I decided I wanted to try and get my first duck this year. My strategy is, go early in the season, get the duck, then I won't be expected to go later on when it's reallllly cold! (plus the pressure of killing a duck is off!) Actually, I enjoy going hunting with Cowboy, and there's no pressure at all. He's very encouraging and is always very proud of me no matter what :)

So last Friday morning we got up, it was windy, warm, not raining just yet. I was thrilled not to be shivering!! Once we got to the swamp, the bottom.... fell.... out...! There was no way I was standing out there in it! We waited a while and finally Cowboy and his dad headed out and Whitney and I stayed in the truck. After the rain let up we decided to check on the guys. They had a small number of ducks, pretty good to be hunting in a monsoon. By the time we were ready to shoot there were no ducks in sight...

The next morning we woke up early to try it again, different spot this time. I immediately knew it was cold outside because my house was freezing! I had on 3 layers of pants and 3 layers of shirts, not including my coveralls. I was nice and toasty :)

We got to the duck hole and there were TONS of ducks! We were a little late but they were still flying around so Cowboy was able to call some of them in. Once the first bunch circled in, we shot!

First duck... CHECK!

Excuse my make-up-less face. There's no one I'm trying to impress at 6 a.m. This wasn't my actual first duck but Cowboy wanted me to take a pic with it because it was pretty.

Here's a pic of the crew when we got back to the house.

Cash with all the ducks she retrieved. She did very well. We are proud parents! What's that saying? "My retriever is smarter than your honor student" ? haha

Me and the sister-in-law with some ducks.

Although I would have much rather been getting back in my bed by this time, Cowboy taunted me with a Hardee's biscuit. He knows how to get to me...

**I've been reading some other blogs lately and I came across this HILARIOUS poem a wife of a hunter wrote about duck season. I tweaked it a little to fit Cowboy. Enjoy!

‘Twas the night before duck season, and inside our house,
I was laid up in bed, listening to my spouse.
The camo displayed, the duck calls nearby;
I just shook my head and kept pondering, “Why?”

The season is long, I’d better prepared.
Sixty days of washing Cowboy’s long underwear.
Shotgun and shells gleaming, ready to fire;
At least he’s prepared, it’s down to the wire.

The puppies were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of ducks flew about in their heads.
I in my robe and Cowboy in his boots,
He explained that it isn’t that loud when he shoots.

Then out on the driveway, there arose such a clatter;
I dashed to the window to see what was the matter.
I flipped on the lights and what did I see?
It was Cowboy with Cash, blowing duck calls at me.

Giddy and happy and delighted were they;
Oh the ducks they would see! Tomorrow’s the day!
Grabbing decoys and guns and loading the truck,
Cowboy dreamed of shooting his limit with luck.

Tomorrow at 4:00, I’ll arise with my man,
To tell him this is the day I think I can,
Whip out my shotgun and shoot some ducks like a man!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No that is not a typo. I am Thanks-living. This is the time of year everyone expresses what they are thankful for. Although Thanksgiving only comes once a year, I think we should remember what we are thankful for everyday. Here is my list of what I'm thankful for!

  • having most of my family close by for the holidays
  • riding to work with my husband
  • ALL of my animals
  • 1/2 day of work the day before Thanksgiving
  • in-laws who love me like I am one of them
  • my brother taking off the entire week of Thanksgiving so I can spend time with him
  • football games to watch this weekend
  • the health of my friends and family
  • peas, cornbread, rolls and pecan pie
  • that my dishwasher is empty
  • that I have a ton of clothes to wash! (reverse psychology... I don't think it's working)
  • that I can see my horse out my window
  • my coffee maker
  • my husband who is not only my best friend but the most perfect person in the world for me
  • peanut butter filled pretzels
  • Junior Mints
  • Christmas time approaching
  • that I am learning to appreciate the small things about life and what truly matters
  • the weather is not FREEZING yet
  • my Ugg boots
  • my camouflage robe
  • my mother and memories of my grandma during the holidays

OK this list could go on and on. I am thankful for so much and I have been blessed with more than I could have ever thought of. Lots of the things on this list are "things", but what I am  truly thankful for are not the material things.

Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, whatever holiday or occasion, CELEBRATE and be thankful for what each day brings.

"Never wait to celebrate." ~KW

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Who doesn't love a relaxing mani/pedi? I would love to get a mani/pedi once a week... minus the pumice board. My feet are so ticklish I start sweating as soon as I see them whip it out.

Unfortunately, I only get them once a month or so, depending on the time of year. Unlike me, my Big Boo (Cowgirl)  gets them every 6 weeks. It might be a little pricey but Ms. Tender-Foot will barely walk down the road without shoes on. Plus, I just LOVE the way their feet look with shoes on (I'll post pictures later). She's high maintenance...

Today is her 6 week mark so my farrier (Al) is coming out this morning. Since she's out in a big pasture now, I caught her yesterday afternoon and put her in a stall so she would be ready to go this morning. Sounds simple, yes, but not so much.

First: The Polaris is in the shop and I can't start the 4-wheeler by myself so I had to drive my Yukon out to get her.

Second: Cowgirl shares a pasture with 4 other horses. What happens when you take a scoop of sweet feed into a pasture of horses?  You get swamped by them...

Third: Horses can be very curious creatures.

So I drive out to where she is, almost the furthest point in the pasture from the barn, of course. The plan is to catch Cowgirl, drive back to the barn (leading her by holding on to the lead rope that's hanging out my window) then shut her up in a stall. Sounds easy right?

First obstacle: Catch Cowgirl - No problem, she's a sucker for sweet feed (and peanut butter crackers).

Second obstacle: Keep sweet feed away from other horses while getting back to my car, then managing to get the lead rope THROUGH the window and finally put sweet feed some where without spilling it.

Sidenote: I've never had a new car in my life, but I just got a 2007 Yukon in July and it's the closest thing to a new car I've had. Was I thinking clearly when I decided to drive it out into a pasture of hungry horses? Probably not... (pictures to show later)

Third Obstacle: Being able to drive at a speed that Fatty Cowgirl (I really didn't mean it!!) could keep up with.

Fourth Obstacle: Getting Cowgirl AND my car through the gate minus the other horses escaping.

So here's a play-by-play:

I arrive at the horses. Chester and Dixie, happily grazing, totally ignoring me. Good! I don't want to catch them anyway.

There's my girl, and her pasture mate Red.

Sweet little Dixie, checking things out. (Notice my car in the background, left unattended...)

Oh hey, Red.

There's Leroy, just licking the hood... so I thought...!!

First problem, leaving my passenger window open with a scoop of sweet feed on the floor board. Yes, that is Leroy's entire head and half of his neck in the window...

After finally shooing Leroy out of the window, I get the leadrope through the window and we're off to the barn!

Cowgirl: Are you serious?
Me: Yes, I'm serious, this is how I'm getting you to the barn, now LET'S GO!

Second problem. The convoy. Notice the little boogers following us.

Why is this a problem?

#1: I won't be able to get out of the gate in my car with Cowgirl in tow with all of these followers

#2: Cowgirl does NOT like horses right on her tail, especially two younger horses (you know, the pecking order thing).

#3: My arm is hanging out the window holding the leadrope and if she pulls anything with the other horses, my arm would break... not really but definitely possible.

Notice the ears pinned back, big girl ain't happy.

So far so good even with our little convoy. Here's a little video of the process (notice my arm fly out the window at the end... I went a little too fast)


Finally we make it to the barn. I get Cowgirl in her stall, equipped with a scoop of sweet feed, hay and some fresh water (notice car unattended in background).

Third problem now arises... How to get my car THROUGH the gate without letting the 4 other horses, who had to follow us, out the gate.

I waved my arms, I shoo'ed them, I hollered at them and they pretty much looked at me like I was crazy. Then we had another visitor, who I found out later from Cowboy likes to be sneaky and tries to "play" with people. I'm sorry, I don't really want to "play" with an over-grown teddy bear who outweighs me by a few thousand pounds!

*In case you can't tell that is a BULL not a COW, and a very large bull at that.

Finally, I got them all far enough away to open the gate, jump in my car, drive through, jump BACK out and shut the gate. By the time I had the gate latched they were already back at the gate.

After I made sure Cowgirl was prepared for the night, I'm walking by my car and notice this....

Yes this is the hood of my car (which is black but looks blue here) with some long, deep line across it. I rubbed it and wiped it and it didn't come off. Then I realized, one of the many times I left my car unattended, the horses were probably surrounding it, sniffing it, rubbing on it...


I just THOUGHT he was innocently licking the hood... OH NO, homeboy here was sinking and sliding his square little chompers all up IN my hood! Oh no you DID INT!

Well yes he did and that's what I have to show for it... a HUGE scratch deeply embedded in my hood and my heart :o( ... Ok I'm not that sad but lesson learned: NEVER leave your car unattended in a pasture with 4 large, furry, curious creatures!

With all that said, I hope Cowgirl enjoys getting her mani/pedi tomorrow. It was a lot of work**!!

**It really wasn't as dramatic as I make it sound. I LOVE fooling with them. I am just VERY unhappy about the scratch on my car !!!